The Evil Dead | SCREAMFEST

The Evil Dead

No Premiere
Sunday, October 20, 2002 - 2:00am
Run Time: 
1h 25min
Five friends are spending the weekend in a remote cabin in the woods. While investigating the cellar, they discover a tape and a decaying old book full of strange incantations. The tape is played and it unleashes powerful evil force from the forest that is determined to destroy every last one of them.
Directed by: 
Sam Raimi
Produced by: 
Robert Tapert
Written by: 
Sam Raimi
Main Cast: 
Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Hal Delrich, Betsy Baker, Sarah York
About the Director(s): 

Highly inventive U.S. film director/producer/writer/actor Sam Raimi first came to the attention of film fans with the savage, yet darkly humorous, low-budget horror film, The Evil Dead (1981). From his childhood, Raimi was a fan of the cinema and, before he was ten-years-old, he was out making movies with an 8mm camera. He was a devoted fan of The Three Stooges, so much of Raimi's film work in his teens, with good friends Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert, was slapstick comedy based around what more