And the Winner is | SCREAMFEST

And the Winner is

World Premiere
Saturday, October 13, 2018 - 9:00pm
Run Time: 
When tennis champion and international superstar Stanley finds himself caught in the midst of a public scandal, he’s left with no other choice but to seek out the very best in the world of PR and crisis management. Company representative Anja promises Stanley he’s come to the right place: their service offers full redemption, in exchange for his commitment to the process… no matter the direction it takes. A desperate Stanley agrees. What begins as an undefined stint in isolation slowly descends into a living nightmare as Stanley is ‘triggered’ by memories from the night of the incident. Driven to destruction, it’s only when Stanley comes face to face with his darkest moment that he’s pushed further beyond his limits than he ever expected - and met with the most unforeseen of consequences as he pays the ultimate price for freedom.
Directed by: 
Cameron March
Produced by: 
Danielle Redford
Written by: 
Julian Curtis & Jordan Lynagh
Main Cast: 
Thomas Larkin, Jacinta Stapleton, Caitlin Hill

About the Director

Cameron MarchCameron March is an Australian based director and cinematographer. With a background in short films and commercials, Cameron is active across short-form and long-form formats. Working with high profile actor Hugo Weaving (The Matrix, Lord of The Rings) saw Cameron receive a Silver Dolphin at the Cannes Corporate Awards for a short autism awareness piece for Gold Coast Health. With shorts screening both locally and abroad Cameron has seen festival success. “The Neon King” picked up Best Young Filmmaker award at the Byron Bay International Film Festival in 2016 after its premiere at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner. With multiple Australian Cinematographer Society awards to his name, Cameron’s keen eye for Cinematography and more